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Fukuoka Cafe Reviews!

Having visited a good few cities in Japan now, I have found that Fukuoka has such a wonderful charm. I can really see why previously it has been voted as the #1 city to live in in the whole world!

I’m a lover of good tea, strong coffee and funky fusion drinks – so I’m always game for exploring cafes (usually armed with my sketchbook!) and trying something new. I want to keep track of my visits to some lesser known cafes, or ventures into Japan-only seasonal flavoured coffees in chains like Starbucks and more! For my first review edition.. let’s look at my Fukuoka forays!

Marbre Blanc

I stumbled across Marbre Blanc whilst exploring Daimyo, which is apparently Fukuoka city’s trendy hub for bars, world food restaurants and unique/high end fashion stores. It has a bit of a vibe like London’s Carnaby Street!

Marbre Blanc is a tiny little cafe which serves sweet treats and a number of hot drinks. They also have slighty more choice than your average latte or tea! I had a hot chai with cinnamon, whilst my friend sampled the hot chocolate which looked delicious. Maybe a little on the pricey side (Around 430-450¥ for a smallish drink) but certainly tasty, so I would say it was worth it. They also serve alcoholic drinks.

While it was a fleeting visit for me (killing 15 or so minutes before a meeting!), I absolutely fell in love with the decor. There’s a downstairs bar area which you can sit at on stools, or an upstairs seated area which is so very cute. The choice of music is fantastic too!

Definitely will be visiting here again sometime.


Starbucks Sakura Latte – Dazaifu

I want to mention two things in particular to this review! The spring seasonal Starbucks Latte is a strawberry sakura latte – yes, think pastel pink adorableness in a cup! It’s a sweet latte but not over powering, and definitely not with a sickly artificial flavour. I’m not a huge fan of strawberry, but this current seasonal drink is actually a pretty pleasant one. Very refreshing and as far as I am aware, only available in Japan!

There’s a number of other seasonal items on the menu, including a deliciously fluffy sakura sponge cake, and the Starbucks iced sakura lattes which you can pick up from most conbinis. However, it’s worth the trip to an actual Starbucks for the freshly made ones – the conbini one I found to be rather sickly and the chunks of strawberry were pretty gross..

I tried this whilst visiting Dazaifu, the town of the Education Shrine – where you can pray for good grades in your studies! The Starbucks here was actually featured in this article recently, and you can see why – it’s a really pretty venue, very unique and worth popping into as far as Starbucks visits go.


So that’s all for now! But I’ll keep reviewing cafes as I find them and explore!



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