On Saturday, I flew over to Tokyo as it was a long weekend and I figured it’s time to finally visit the LINE Friends store in Harajuku!


LINE is a messenger application which is hugely popular in Asia, and growing in popularity across the world. It’s available in a number of languages and is popular as you can send messages, make voice calls, share images and more for free using mobile data or WiFi. A somewhat cuter Whatsapp, let’s say.

What has made LINE even more popular are the stickers! LINE Stickers are larger versions of emojis/emoticons, sometimes animated and very expressive. While you can download a number of stickers from famous series and creators, the LINE creators themselves made a range of original characters which are ridiculously cute and full of personality. My personal favourites are Brown and Cony – the bear and rabbit couple. Brown is notoriously inexpressive, while Cony is a little O.T.T and emotional. They have other friends too including James (the handsome man), Shelley the duck and more.

And thus the LINE Friends store was born to satisfy our need for character goods!

The LINE Friends store is only a few minutes walk from Harajuku and Meijijingu-mae stations – so you can fit in plenty of other shopping around the visit, or make it part of your shopping trip plans!


The outside and entrance of the store is adorable. Although it is a fairly small store, there are two floors. The 1st floor is dedicated to various character goods, while B1F is the LINE x Designer goods, special edition items and a small gallery where you can pose for a photo.


I got a little carried away.. but here’s what I bought!


Brown and Cony sweets tins – one for me, and one for a co-worker who is leaving!


Mini journal (I loved the designs! There were soo many!)


Brown and Cony socks – I did that sickly cute couple thing where I bought me and my boyfriend socks to wear together.


Vinyl Magnets (which my boyfriend nabbed as he loved them so much!)


Stamps for my journal project with my students


And because I spent a certain amount, I was able to enter a raffle which won me these decal stickers. For every purchase you also get a free postcard!


The prices in the LINE Friends store are actually really reasonable too – notebooks vary between ¥200-600 depending on the size and design, while the stamps were about ¥500 each. The character socks were ¥600 (maybe a little pricey for socks but I couldn’t resist!) but there were plenty of other goods all reasonably priced. Stationary goods, cups, plush toys, cases, phone accessories and hair accessories – there are plenty of goods that would make unique gifts for friends and family or souvenirs.


So far this is the only LINE Friends store in Japan, but there’s one opening in Fukuoka this Spring – so do check it out!



5 thoughts on “LINE FRIENDS X Harajuku!

  1. Tri Huynh says:

    What a lovely post! I love how you unfold the story of your visit to Haraijuku LINE store while unveiling your festive love for brown bear at the same time 🙂 You made it informative too. Now I know more about this little brown bear where it came from. Thanks for sharing! Keep it coming 🙂


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