After my visit to the LINE Friends store in Harajuku on Sunday, I discovered today that the LINE Friends Cafe opened in Tenjin on March 19th! So naturally.. I had to pop in – and I have to say, I think it is even better than the Tokyo store!


Just like the Tokyo store, Tenjin has a giant Brown bear you can pose with for a photo, but it also is filled with plenty of other giant characters – like this giant flying Cony bunny! I wanted to hug everything..

The store is quite industrial looking – lots of bricks and metal, but all of it is decorated with LINE characters and slogans painted on the wall. There are actually 3 floors to this LINE store – the ground floor is for character goods, while the second floor has more goods and a LINE cafe! I didn’t have a chance to check out the food (it was SUPER busy as the store is so new!) but I’ll be sure to make a return trip.


My favourite part of this store is the third floor – the Yatai floor! Yatai are food stalls famous to the Fukuoka region, and Hakata ramen is the area’s signature dish – which the LINE store has encapsulated in the most charming way.

I absolutely fell in love with Brown making ramen at the stall! On this floor, you can bring your LINE Cafe food, chill out and eat at the stalls.


The LINE Friends cafe at Tenjin has so much personality and charm so it was an absolute pleasure to visit. Even if you’re not a fan of character goods, the store is worth dropping into. It is full of the unique culture of Fukuoka, and has some lovely goods designed with the area in mind.

Please pop in if you ever have the chance!



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