Golden Week… BEGIN!

After a hectic few weeks, I’m happy for my Golden Week adventure to start a day early. I’m off to Tokyo to visit my boyfriend. It’s his birthday next week so we’ll have lots of fun planned around work (he won’t have much time off, boohoo). But it will still be great

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Japanese pranks

I’ve learned a lot of useful things from the people I work with so far this year.

Thanks to their insights, I have learned how versatile rice cookers are (one pot meals, yo!), the history of cutting eels in different regions (don’t cut the belly in Tokyo!) and how best to deal with mukade, should the devils decide to enter my apartment. Thankfully, I haven’t had to use that information just yet.


Some of my favourite things that I have learned, however, are Japanese pranks! I haven’t been subject to any of these myself, just yet.. but learning about them is great fun!


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With Two Sugars, Please! – My new art collaborative Art project

With Two Sugars, Please!

Recently, me and my best friend in the UK decided to start an art project together to motivate each other and continue developing our artistic skills!

Alongside my adventures in Japan, we’ll be posting up our work on here. I wanted to keep the posts separate from this blog as it is a project in it’s own right.

Check it out if you like geeky doodles and original artwork!

Sakura season is here!

Anyone remotely interested in Japan, or fans of anime are aware of how loved Sakura (cherry blossom) season is! Just googling “sakura” will bring up countless images of beautiful trees raining pearly white petals, stories of friends having hanami (picnics and parties under the trees) or scenes from shows where students arrive to school in an almost ethereal, romantic haze.

I knew it was a big deal when people were asking me if I were excited – but I didn’t realise it was this big. I was pointed to websites predicting when the trees would bloom, and was surrounded by chatter and excitement when the buds began to appear. People in Japan, and even tourists from abroad carefully plan in advance the perfect time to come and experience it and I hear it’s extremely disappointing to miss it. I guess I am truly lucky to be living here right now!

Sadly, my school doesn’t have many trees around due to repair work nearby – but there have been plenty of trees elsewhere for me to enjoy!

Here’s how I have enjoyed my very first Sakura season in Japan!

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