Golden Week… BEGIN!

After a hectic few weeks, I’m happy for my Golden Week adventure to start a day early. I’m off to Tokyo to visit my boyfriend. It’s his birthday next week so we’ll have lots of fun planned around work (he won’t have much time off, boohoo). But it will still be great


I popped into a restaurant in Fukuoka airport for some coffee while I’m waiting for my flight, and look how cool my view is! Sipping coffee and watching planes take off and land. That’ll be me in an hour.

I had intended to explore Hakata earlier, hence arriving so early.. but all the coin lockers in the city are busy. So instead, coffee and chilling in the airport is on the cards. Fukuoka Airport is small but well located and has some nice places to eat.

I have a feeling I may have already underestimated Golden Week.. eep!

Oh and one piece of advice – don’t pack portable battery chargers in your checked luggage! It freaked out the poor people scanning my bag and so I got searched.. was a good giggle after but I caused a ‘sumimasen’ break down and now I feel bad. So chuck those in your carry on guys.. unless you don’t mind showing off your packed undies! o(T□T)o

Happy Golden Week everyone!


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