McDonald’s Golden Set Review! (ゴールデンセット)

This week I was able to try McDonald’s Golden Set (ゴールデンセット) – which was surprisingly as delicious as it sounds!

On Tuesday evening, myself and a neighbour had planned to go get some shopping for the week and I had mentioned eating some food before (as usual, I was starving!). However, the only minor problem with living in a rural-ish area is that usually on one day of the week, all of the restaurants are closed. As we discovered that night – Tuesday is the day all the local restaurants closed..

In the UK, it used to be that if anything would be closed it’d be a Sunday – but weekends are prime time here so most restaurants stay open all weekend. We hadn’t realised this, and after a good 40 minutes or so of exploring town on foot, we ended up walking down an area where the only restaurant around was McDonald’s. I’m certainly not a snob when it comes to fast food, but a Maccy’s isn’t always my first choice of meal – by this point however, anything sounded perfect.

That’s when we discovered…

THE GOLDEN SET! ゴールデンセット


The Golden Set is basically a Sicilian Lemon drink, and Cheesy fries.. but it’s certainly nicer than your average order!

You get given a very pretty looking drink with the luminous lemony syrup at the bottom which you can mix in after. This might sound a little standard, but having lived in Japan for a good few months now I can attest to the fact that finding a standard lemonade drink here is fairly difficult. This was refreshing and I think I will miss this when it goes off the menu.

The fries are given to you as a regular pack, and a sachet of cheesy powder. The friend I went with informed me that it smelled pretty much like American Mac’n’Cheese.. and at first it seemed pretty gross to me pouring this thick cheesy powder all over my fries. But – I gave it a go, and was pleasantly surprised. It added a nice flavour to them, although it was a little messy.

It definitely made the trip to McDonald’s exciting that evening and it was a nice alternative on the menu. It’s definitely something I would consider having again! The Golden Set is currently in Japanese McDonald’s which you can add for a small extra fee to your regular order. I do recommend trying it, but knowing how much they love to cycle through fads here, I don’t imagine they will have it for much longer!



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