Color Me Rad! Fukuoka 2016

On Saturday the 28th May I did two things for the first time ever:

  1. Ran a Marathon
  2. Went to a rave

This was the MOST fun I have had in a really long time, and I am proud of myself too! I was invited to join the marathon with a friend and we proceeded to train, somewhat, for a 5km marathon. Bear in mind – before this year, I had NEVER ran before. Unless it was away from something. So running for fun wasn’t ever an idea for me.. yet we persevered and I was indeed able to run a marathon for the first time!


Color Me Rad is a marathon where throughout the track, there are check points which house a small group of very excited cheerleaders. Cheerleaders who proceed to spray and hurl coloured powder at you and your originally pristine marathon t-shirt. And they aren’t stingy with the powder – trust me they really go for it! I even got a mouthful of yellow powder which left me breathing out luminous clouds of smoke for a while. I looked like a really cool dragon.

By the end of the race you are pretty much dusted in a rainbow of coloured powder, exciting evidence that you made it all the way round!


One of the rather unique experiences of attending this event in Japan was witnessing the Japanese approach to such an event. As we were arriving, there were hoards of Japanese men and women in matching outfits. It looked more like a meet up of Japanese idol groups than a marathon at first. They were all so well put together that we felt really out of place.. until the marathon began. And pretty much NOBODY was running! Everyone was literally just walking the route.. I guess the appeal was more for the powder and after party than the actual “race” part.

But that didn’t stop us! We wiggled our way through the crowd and were able to finish the track pretty quickly.. however, it was unfortunately reduced from a 5km to a 3km.. but still!


As we finished the race, we were handed Gatsby wipes to clean up, some water and an extra pack of rainbow powder.. Which we took straight on down to a big dance floor where a mini-rave was happening. People were throwing their coloured powder all over the place which we joined in with.. and I came out looking even more like a Jackson Pollock painting than I did before.


I got pretty covered!

There were some cool food and drink stalls where I was finally able to try a Sasebo burger (which I demolished in seconds, sorry no picture!) and this rather unique lemonade!

If you’re ever curious about this marathon, I really do recommend checking out when it will be happening in your city! It was real great fun and I’m looking forward to going again next year.


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