The LockUp – Fukuoka’s Themed Restaurant!

Last weekend, I had some surprise visitors from the UK come down to stay in Kyushu. As it was the first time visiting the island, I decided to take them out in the city and show them some of the exciting things that Hakata and Tenjin had to offer.

Being pretty big fans of Resident Evil, I decided to take them to a horror-themed restaurant that I had been recommended by one of my neighbours. Apparently we could expect over-the-top events, creative drinks and quirky food. They weren’t wrong.

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Japan’s American Food – Reviews!

Hi peoples! I hope all is well wherever you are in the world. For me – I’ve been a little stressed out lately. Work has been crazy busy (but in a wonderfully exciting, yet tiring way!) and it seems like my home country has gone a little loopy. But for the sake of my sanity I’m going to avoid political discussions full stop and talk about some of my food excursions this year! ❤ This post will be about American food in Japan..

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