Japan’s American Food – Reviews!

Hi peoples! I hope all is well wherever you are in the world. For me – I’ve been a little stressed out lately. Work has been crazy busy (but in a wonderfully exciting, yet tiring way!) and it seems like my home country has gone a little loopy. But for the sake of my sanity I’m going to avoid political discussions full stop and talk about some of my food excursions this year! ❤ This post will be about American food in Japan..

CocaCola Cafe in Haneda Airport


I’ve been in Haneda airport a good few times now since coming to Japan, whether it be to travel back to the UK or visit my boyfriend who lives in the Kanto region. Every time I go, I have seen the adorably kitschy CocaCola cafe on the lower level of the Domestic terminal. It was always too cute to go in by myself, so I merely ogled it from the outside and wondered what it would be like to try it.

Thankfully, on one of my return trips to Fukuoka my boyfriend didn’t have to work so he dropped me off to the airport early and we decided to try it out!


The decor is adorable and very much Americanized, as you would expect. It’s really over the top and stereotypical but pretty classy too. We opted to have a hotdog each, and share a basket of nachos.


It was a little pricey but no more than I expected being right in the middle of the airport. The hotdog was tasty! I had one with guacamole on it. It was refreshing to have some non-Japanese food for a change which is probably why I enjoyed it a lot.

If you ever visit Haneda’s Domestic terminal, check it out! The souvenirs are so cute too, and they’re pretty reasonably priced.


Eggs n’ Things


Eggs n’ Things is a Hawaiian Pancake house chain which opened up it’s first store in Kyushu recently.. So of course, my Japanese friend was so keen for us to visit there that we planned a trip to go!

Of course, being a pancake house I was excited to try something sweet so opted for the recommended menu item – strawberries and cream pancakes. On the tables are a row of different syrups ranging from maple to coconut – it was a lot of fun to mix and match flavours and it made it all a little more exciting!

Now.. the mistake we made was ordering a plate each. We didn’t quite realise this until after our order, when they brought out 2 small sharing plates. Oops. So, we both ended up with 6 pancakes each and a huge mountain of cream and strawberries. It was absolutely delicious but impossible to finish. So unless you’re super hungry, I recommend ordering one plate to share!

There are a few of these dotted around Japan so if you’re ever around and have a sweet tooth, check out what the hype is about! It’s pretty tasty.


Yum! I have plenty more tasty adventures to report later so check back soon if you’re feeling particularly hungry!


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