The LockUp – Fukuoka’s Themed Restaurant!

Last weekend, I had some surprise visitors from the UK come down to stay in Kyushu. As it was the first time visiting the island, I decided to take them out in the city and show them some of the exciting things that Hakata and Tenjin had to offer.

Being pretty big fans of Resident Evil, I decided to take them to a horror-themed restaurant that I had been recommended by one of my neighbours. Apparently we could expect over-the-top events, creative drinks and quirky food. They weren’t wrong.


It’s tucked away on the 6th floor of a building in Tenjin, so you really have to be on the look out for it if you want to find it. After taking an ominously creaky lift up, the doors opened to this terrifyingly dark foyer with a big sign pointing out that we were indeed on the right floor. After confirming our numbers (I recommend reserving in advance to avoid disappointment – we got lucky!), we were whisked into a dark room. Where was the entrance, or our server? OH MY GOD THE LIGHTS WENT OUT! And now there’s banging! My female friend proceeded to scream bloody murder and I won’t lie, my heart was pounding.. then a door flung open and a scantily dressed police woman led us into a little prison cell. “Who is the bad one?” she asked..Of course, I pointed to one of the others and shouted “彼は本当に悪いです!!!”- whom she handcuffed and lead to our table. Brilliant!


After the initial heart-pounding excitement, we had the rules explained in Japanese (which we later understood from the poster to mean don’t take photos of the staff, don’t call them over and not order, don’t sexually harass them.. amongst many other things!). We felt a little uneasy taking too many photos, so I snapped a few of our fascinating looking cocktails.

The food, in all honesty, was pretty over priced for what it was. But that made up for the sheer creativity of the venue and the novelty of the drinks. Also.. the entertainment. I’m not going to post on here and spoil what happens –  but let’s just say once you’re in there, you mustn’t rush away. Prepare to spend a good few hours in there, and a fair amount of money. It is more than worth the experience!

I was in absolute pain after – from all the screaming and laughing.

If you’re in Fukuoka and would like to check it out, it is a short walk from Tenjin Station (Kuko Subway Line!)





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