BBC Article Review: ‘Meet Japan’s Kumamon, the bear who earns millions’

Wow so life has gotten hectic recently! In between crazy adventuring, Pokemon Go finally being released and prepping students for a recitation contest – I’ve finally sat down for a few minutes at work to have a read of the news.

Among the bitter and sad stories of the world, I stumbled across another interesting article on the BBC Future section like I did previously. Though this one explores the idea of yuru-kyara (Japanese mascots) through the surging popularity of Kumamon the bear, Kumamoto’s yuru-kyara. Especially after the Kumamoto Earthquakes this year, it was evident that Kumamon himself holds a special place in many people’s hearts, and he provided an easy figure to out pour feelings of support towards, and thus almost directly at Kumamoto itself.

I often wonder why Japan is obsessed with cuteness.. though I’m really not complaining as I am a huge fan of city yuru-kyara myself! (My town’s is by far the best but I won’t be revealing him on here ;))

This is a pretty interesting and objective look at cuteness, expanding into a more global mindset as well as a brief touch on the psychological aspects of the idea. It’s definitely interesting for casual readers like myself, though if you’re interested in this kind of thing it’ll provide a spark for more in depth reading of your own finding.


In positive news – Kumamon seems to be doing okay down here! Though.. lots still needs to be done to get him back on his feet.





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