Summer brings ヒマワリ!

Summer is finally here! It really has officially begun, and besides it being evident through high temperatures (starting to hit 36 degrees and the lowest average is around 26 – even at night!), there are a number of matsuri (festivals!) that are popping up everywhere. So of course – I want to try and visit as many as I can!


And this is one of our cooler days!!

Last Friday, I caught wind of a local Sunflower field which was open to the public to see over 500,000 of those happy-faced flowers all tall and yellow! What a perfect vision of summer – I thought. So of course.. I had to go and see them.

In Japanese, they’re called “himawari”, which my friend informed me almost literally translates to “sun turners” – the idea made me giggle. The field was indeed filled with hundreds of thousands of beautiful yellow flowers – but they were much smaller than sunflowers I have ever seen before! I wonder why? Still – they were adorable, and my favourite was this little guy who wanted to be the tallest.


Also as we went two days before the end of the festival, sadly many of the flowers had already began to wilt. So if you ever intend to visit a flower festival in Japan, I recommend going earlier rather than later. I think the heat doesn’t help the longevity.. but still – so pretty!


We were taken there by shuttle bus which was supposed to return at 7pm to collect us and take us back to our station.. well – it didn’t! We ended up waiting for almost 30 minutes past the scheduled time and so we relented and called a taxi. But that meant we got to see the sunflowers lit up at night, because it was dark!


Japan holds such a high regard for the beauty of nature within changing seasons – as we saw with the sakura season earlier in the year. The blossoming of sunflowers is just one of the many celebrations you can join in with here – I can’t wait to visit more!


4 thoughts on “Summer brings ヒマワリ!

    • rebelriotori says:

      Summer sadly left us just this week! A big typhoon swept most of the heat and humidity away.. (glad for the humidity to be gone though!).

      There were some super big bugs flying around but it was so nice there! If you’re able to visit Japan in October, you’ll still get great weather and hopefully typhoon season will be over or at least, almost gone!


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