My first Japanese fireworks experience!

All I keep hearing about from my students recently is how excited they are for 花火 – fireworks! Now that it is summer break, they’re all planning their trips to the local matsuri, what colour yukata to wear.. and what they’ll eat while there. Needless to say, it’s certainly got me all excited. I love fireworks!

We were able to catch a local matsuri in my area on Saturday after taking part at a summer camp. Unfortunately, because we weren’t able to get back home early enough no yukata were involved for us but we still got to go and see some beautiful fireworks and enjoy the festival atmosphere.


I love matsuri because of the many foodstalls that pop up. The variety is amazing – from yakiniku (grilled meat), kakigori (shaved sweet ice), karage and more, the food is delicious and such a reasonable price. I couldn’t decide what I wanted, so I was greedy and had 牛ステーキ AND 豚バラ (beef steak and pork belly – MY FAVOURITE!). The food at matsuri always comes in such decent portion sizes and really I could have eaten so much more.. but I thought I should behave (haha!).


We found a great little spot together, sat on the grass and waited excitedly for the fireworks to start. The fireworks here are absolutely adorable! There were a number of “routines” where they were co-ordinated to different songs. Each song had a different vibe and the fireworks were planned accordingly. This all lasted for quite some time – certainly close to 45 minutes worth of firework fun.


At the end of the event there was a part where a couple who had their proposal at the same event the year before returned to stage to celebrate and heart shaped fireworks were set off. My heart couldn’t take it – too cute!


We’re attending a couple of other matsuri this weekend and I just can’t wait – it’s going to be a really exciting couple of days.


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