LINE Friends Cafe!

I decided to finally visit the LINE cafe and sample some of the goodies that they have to offer in store. Of course, having visitors is always a great excuse to head into the city.. and they were more than happy to have the LINE experience!


We all opted to have a macaroon each, which come in 3 different flavours with Brown, Cony and Sally designs. Brown is chocolate, and Cony is strawberry! Didn’t confirm it.. but Sally looked like a lemon! But they were adorable and tasty. When I ordered three the lady asked if I wanted one of each – I love the customer service in Japan!

For drinks, I had an iced matcha latte, and my friends opted for a hot and an iced cocoa.They have done an awesome job with this place – from the cup sleeve to the napkins, everything is decorated and themed. The drinks were all delicious too! We were able to take them upstairs and enjoy them in the Yatai seating area.. which prompted for me to have some fun posing!


I have to say – for a themed place the prices were all incredibly reasonable, something which as an ex-Londoner really still shocks me!

I really love the LINE cafe and it will definitely be somewhere I frequent when I am in Fukuoka anytime! In fact.. my best friend is visiting next week – so it looks like I will be making another trip very soon!






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