Review : Anmitsu Hime – Drag in Japan!

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be offered two free tickets to see “Anmitsu Hime”, from Fukuoka Now. This was a timely event, as I have just binge watched RuPaul’s Drag Race at the same time as Maryann, one of my local friends, so we were pretty hyped for seeing some drag in person. Especially so to experience drag in another culture too!

We were informed that recently the group adapted their show to be more foreigner friendly, to appeal to wider audiences. In what way that was done, I am not entirely sure – the show was 99% in Japanese but this DID NOT at all remove any of the enjoyment factor for me or Maryann!


The show was a large mix of extravagant costumes, upbeat and quirky music, and an impressive stage set – even more so due to the rather small area it was performed upon. The theatre area itself was small – but it added to the charm and authenticity of the show you were seeing.

One of the biggest things about the show that I noted was that the male actors who were performing in drag did not aspire to look authentic as a female – very much the opposite from the RuPaul experience we’d been growing accustomed to. The performers were full of energy, charm and genuine humour. One of my favourite moments was the performance of “Let It Go”, or “Arino Mama De”. I think the picture speaks for itself really.. but it was a side splitting moment.


Another highlight was when the main performer came down into the crowd, and with a booming, terrifying voice announcing he was looking for a girl.. though every girl he passed was not the girl he was looking for.

He found the girl he was looking for – a rather butch, bald gentleman in the front row. He was brought up onto the stage and in the most impressive transformation in under 3 minutes.. he was in full drag. I must admit, he does look rather adorable there in that dress, don’t you think?


Anmitsu Hime was truly an unforgettable drag experience here in Fukuoka. I highly recommend that if you have the opportunity during your travels – stop by! Don’t be intimidated by the lack of English. This entertainment truly crosses every barrier and you’ll be in for a treat.

If you haven’t heard about Fukuoka Now before – I highly recommend visiting their website for listings of events, area information and competitions! 


3 thoughts on “Review : Anmitsu Hime – Drag in Japan!

  1. Tri Huynh says:

    Love this post Vicki! I didnt know Japan also has Drag Queen show 🙂 Never been to one myself but I’ve seen similar extravagant costumes here in Vancouver during our Pride parade. The part when the performer said he was looking for a lady is hilarious. I wouldnt have thought he would pick a guy lol


    • rebelriotori says:

      Me neither!! I thought he was genuinely looking for a girl, but he picked the most built man there. I didn’t know the drag scene was big here either and I’m really glad to hear it is popular. I’d like to go again since it was a really fun, welcoming show.

      I want to see a Pride parade too! Are drag shows popular in Vancouver?


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