Tasty Halloween – Snacks in Japan!

If there’s one thing that I have noticed that Japan does really, really well – themed food! Halloween is no exception – there is an abundance of adorably shaped, decorated and flavoured food all to celebrate the holiday. This was pretty surprising to me, as apparently Halloween has only really picked up in popularity in the past 10 years, thanks to Tokyo Disney bringing the Halloween parade. So now everyone is at least familiar with the cuter aspects of the celebration and so we get to have lots of fun food!

I’ve made it my mission to devour as many cute and quirky Halloween foods this year as I can! I’ve already tried the McDonald’s Choco-pumpkin fries.. and since then I have had even more delicious nibbles!

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McDonald’s at Halloween – Choco-pumpkin fries! (チョコパンプキンポテト)

As you may have read previously, I like to sample some of the seasonal or promotional menus at McDonald’s here in Japan – like the  Golden Set! Since Halloween is such an exciting time here for children, there is no shortage of themed foods going around.


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