McDonald’s at Halloween – Choco-pumpkin fries! (チョコパンプキンポテト)

As you may have read previously, I like to sample some of the seasonal or promotional menus at McDonald’s here in Japan – like the  Golden Set! Since Halloween is such an exciting time here for children, there is no shortage of themed foods going around.


McDonald’s is of course, no exception and here in Japan they have released a sweet and savoury item –  チョコパンプキンポテト! Or in English, Chocolate and Pumpkin potato fries.

Erm, hang on – what?!

Yes – you heard right! It’s a serving of McDonald’s potato fries with a little sachet of pumpkin sauce and chocolate sauce. I’ll forgive anyone for thinking initially that this might be absolutely disgusting – I went there myself fully expecting to not enjoy it at all.


I was very, very surprised! The fries come with the sauce separately so you can put it on as you please. I love these sauce mix packets here in Japan – you snap them together and squeeze them onto your food! It is so handy – usually they come as ketchup and mustard sets, but of course.. this is Halloween guys!


It had the perfect balance of sweetness to make it pleasant with the salty flavour of the fries. Apparently last year, there was a regular choco-vanilla fries item which was all the rage so I’m glad they went ahead with a seasonal version!

Oh – and if you tweeted a picture of your fries to the hashtag #チョコソース占い the McDonald’s twitter would tweet you back with a fortune based upon your picture! This was mine..


I’ll definitely be going back to have these again before they’re taken off the menu.



5 thoughts on “McDonald’s at Halloween – Choco-pumpkin fries! (チョコパンプキンポテト)

  1. brinkling says:

    That’s so amazing!! I wouldn’t expect to like it either, especially since I don’t like pumpkin things generally…but I really wish I could try it.

    And they even give you a fortune with it, that’s so cool.


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