Tasty Halloween – Snacks in Japan!

If there’s one thing that I have noticed that Japan does really, really well – themed food! Halloween is no exception – there is an abundance of adorably shaped, decorated and flavoured food all to celebrate the holiday. This was pretty surprising to me, as apparently Halloween has only really picked up in popularity in the past 10 years, thanks to Tokyo Disney bringing the Halloween parade. So now everyone is at least familiar with the cuter aspects of the celebration and so we get to have lots of fun food!

I’ve made it my mission to devour as many cute and quirky Halloween foods this year as I can! I’ve already tried the McDonald’s Choco-pumpkin fries.. and since then I have had even more delicious nibbles!

Family Mart Yokai Watch Buns 


These.. are.. ADORABLE! Family Mart are currently running a promotion where you can buy a Jibanyan and Tomunyan shaped bun. The Jibanyan is a chocolate filled bun, while the Tomunyan is a regular nikuman (meat bun). At 200yen each they’re a little pricier than the regular nikuman that you can buy in the store – but I would say that for the novelty alone they’re definitely worth it!

The Jibanyan was my favourite out of the two – the chocolate filling was sweet but not sickly (more like a dark chocolate!) But they are both incredibly cute.


7-11 Choco cream dorayaki


Although not particularly cute – this was incredibly delicious! This special edition dorayaki was bought for me as a gift by a teacher who thanked me for running a Halloween class.. and I was so grateful!

The pancakes were a delicious dark chocolate flavour while the cream filling was a sweeter milk chocolate mousse, with mini chocolate chips in them. While it was simple, it was surprisingly delicious and I have found myself craving a second one.. I think I’ll be making a trip back to Seven tomorrow!


Lawson Pumpkin Cream Roll Cake


Another dessert with a simple design but again – that shouldn’t fool you! This roll cake filled with a cream filling was absolutely delicious! The cake and cream were pumpkin flavoured, but it was far from overpowering. The pumpkin face was made using cinnamon sprinkled on top – and that added a delicious spicy contrast to the sweet flavour of the cake and cream. I was a little cheeky and ate this for breakfast on the weekend – and it really went down well with a nice bitter coffee.


McDonald’s Magic Witch Sweet Potato Fries


So recently I wrote about the Choco-Pumpkin fries at McDonalds and shortly after on the 19th, they released the Magic Witch fries! These are a purple sweet potato flavour with chocolate – ordered and served in the same format as the Pumpkin ones. Like with those, you are also able to tweet a photo of your fries for a new fortune!

I actually preferred the flavour of these ones to the Pumpkin ones – I found the sweetness was a great accompaniment to the chocolate and the salty fries. But still – I would happily eat either again!


Lawson Ghost Cream Cake


The moment I saw this little cutie I couldn’t resist him at all. A really simple little dessert, the attraction for this one was purely his adorable little face. That isn’t to say it wasn’t pleasant – the cream and vanilla filling were really delicious and had a sponge cake inside too, but it by far hasn’t been the most exciting flavour of all the desserts I tried so far. But he wins all the points for his adorable little face!


Mister Donut Pumpkin Pon-de-ring


Simple in design and flavour – but you really can’t go wrong with a Mister Donut. I’ve been addicted to this store since my neighbour took me there for the first time last year. They have quite a wide selection of donuts to choose from with Halloween flavours, like a really cute filled Snoopy donut! But I opted for the pon-de-ring, a perfectly squishy ring donut with an icing topping. This was of course, a pumpkin flavour with cute coloured sprinkles. The pumpkin flavour was nice and simple, but enough to make it a little more special than the average pon at the store!


Lawson Halloween Macaroons


If I had to choose only one dessert as my absolute favourite in the world – it’d always come down to macaroons. Don’t get me wrong – you can’t go wrong with a good chocolate cake, but there is something about the perfect combination of a hard case with a gooey inside that make macaroons something very special.

I’m always resisting the temptation of buying Lawson’s regular Uchi Cafe macaroons – but once I saw this box of Halloween treats I really had no reservations of grabbing them. Besides being adorably cute as you can see, they come in three flavours – vanilla, pumpkin and cassis (blackcurrant). The pumpkin flavour was unusual for a macaroon but really delicious and probably my favourite out of the three, though the cassis one was pretty special too!



So that’s all of the tasty Halloween goodies I have had the joy of tucking into this year! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed eating all of these delicious treats and will update the post if I am able to sneak in anymore before the Halloween period ends.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Japan in October, please do take a look in the stores and try out some of the Halloween goods!


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