McDonalds did it again.. Daigaku Imo fries!

So last year I had a bit of a McDonalds rampage, sampling the Halloween Choco-Pumpkin fries, the Magic Purple Witch fries and the Golden Set. Well, this year is no exception as they have yet again released a sweet flavoured fries set – the Daigaku Imo flavour!


Daigaku Imo literally means “University Potato” – it is a sugared sweet-potato snack which is popular among students. Usually it’s eaten around Autumn time, but I guess McD’s decided to take advantage of the entrance exam period, where plenty of High School students will spend days in the restaurant studying and snacking away.

The fries are yet again simple McDonald’s signature french fries, with a small blister-packed sauce sachet filled with the sweet, sticky daigaku imo flavouring. It was really subtle, but a pleasant contrast to the salty flavour of their fries.

Probably not my favourite special menu item, but it was definitely worth trying!

I think I’ll stick to the real thing though, and I recommend you try it too!


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