Music mondays

In my quest to improve my Japanese listening ability, I previously wrote that I was only going to listen to Japanese music on my iPod from then on to see if it would help me learn to pick up more.

I can honestly actually say that coupled with the other things I have been doing (grammar study, intensive vocab and kanji input and generally conversing as much as I can!) – my listening has improved ten-fold! I have recently found that while listening to new music, I can pick up on what they are saying more clearly while listening to familiar songs I can start to understand meanings. So, hurrah for music!

So I’m going to share some of my favourite music, old and new, every Monday. Besides getting me back on to the blog-train, it’ll also push me to keep on seeking out new music which is always good fun.

フレデリック:ハローグッバイ (Frederic: Hello, Goodbye)

I have to make a bit of a confession – I may have begun to develop a fan-girl level of love for this band. I am yet to find a song by them I dislike, I have begun to seek out their EP’s and mini albums and even entered the lottery to purchase tickets for their gig in December (to my dismay I did not win the lottery and am still a tad sore, but still..)

But I feel like it is with good reason because as catchy as their music is, their lyrics flit between charmingly playful to raw and reflective – all hidden behind addictive beats and Kenji’s expressive vocals. Coupled with their intriguing music video aesthetic they have yet to fail to deliver something exciting and fresh.

I’ve opted for ハローグッバイ as my first song to recommend. I’m surprised these guys haven’t got a bigger international following, but I feel that will change soon since “悲しい嬉しい” is now the opening theme for 恋と嘘!


MONDO GROSSO: ラブリンス (Labyrinth)

I literally discovered this song two days ago and honestly, it gave me an insane rush of emotion. The beautiful ambiance and the charming, siren like vocals and words of the song have completely captured my attention and honestly, I’m excited to start looking into their other releases.

Also – watch the music video and tell me honestly –  do you not feel like stepping outside your door with this track playing, dancing down your street?

..or is that just me?


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