MUSIC MONDAYS (on a thursday)

Oops. I was supposed to post this on Monday, but lots of things caught up with me (like it being a day off so we watched a stage-play and generally goro’d about)


Here are my 2 songs for the week!

岡崎体育:家族構成  (Okazaki Taiiku: Family Composition)

I love this guy – his music videos are all about as absurd as you would expect from watching this one alone. Unashamedly nerdy, his songs are completely nutty and full of strange references and very funny lyrics. This particular song is, as it states, about a family composition – with some family drama thrown in too!

His songs are actually a really good way to learn vocabulary from.. I’ve picked up more than a few unusual terms from here all the while having a catchy song stuck in my head.

I really recommend checking out his other stuff, like Music Video, and Friends!


世界の終わり: Hey Ho!    (Sekai no Owari: Hey Ho!)

Sekai no Owari were introduced to me by another ALT and later a student who absolutely adores them. I couldn’t help but fall in love with them either – their aesthetic is completely adorable and their music matches everything about them so well (except I still get the heebie-jeebies over DJ Love and his clown mask..).

Hey Ho!, one of their newer releases, took me by surprise as it felt quite different from their earlier stuff – but it definitely grew on me. They have such a refreshing outlook on the world and despite their band name literally meaning “the end of the world”, they continue to inspire young people to consider world issues, remain positive and actually consider mental well-being.


Yay! Sorry it’s belated .. I’ll be good next week!


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