Music Mondays: Matsuri Edition

Yesterday, me and my neighbours were invited to perform at our local community center as part of a matsuri! We were asked to sing, and we performed a short dance where we made a mash-up of popular dances from the West with current dance trends in Japan. That was really good fun and a big success. So today, I’ll share the two Japanese songs that were performed as part of our set!

YUI : Summer Song

Mikayla, our resident Japanese superstar (seriously – she is pretty much fluent!) chose the appropriately themed “Summer Song” by YUI, a popular Japanese pop singer from a short while ago. The vocals are really cute and the overall vibe was perfect for the festival itself – it really gave the feeling that summer was finally here (the weather has been here but the vibe was yet to come!), so it really went well with the warm summer eve.

This is such an adorable song and definitely one worth having ready for a picnic or BBQ playlist!


赤い鳥: 翼をください (Akaitori: Tsubasa wo kudasai / please give me wings)

(I can’t find the 赤い鳥 version on YouTube.. so here’s that really ominously pretty version from that creepy scene of Evangelion.. enjoy!)

Originally I wasn’t going to be singing but it was sort of sprung on the day that I could/would be .. cue a panic and me wracking my brains for something appropriate! I went with 翼をください as it was one of the first songs I learned for karaoke, and is famous enough that all the obachans and ojisans would know it.

I absolutely love this song – it’s simple and sweet in both melody and meaning

“If I could have one wish, it would be to have white wings like a bird – please give me wings!”

I also learned that I really am not a performer and stage fright is an uncontrollable force! But still – we had so much fun.



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