Music Mondays

Another week rolls around.. and I’ve got more music to share! This week, I am going with Anime movie songs because they seem to be popping up and creeping into good memories this week!

世界の終わり: Rain  (Sekai no Owari: Rain)

I know I recently posted up about Sekai no Owari, but I only just heard their latest single which was released with the new movie “Mary and the Witch’s Flower”. Honestly, this is just the cutest thing and I think I found my next karaoke song!


RADWIMPS: 前前前世 (Zenzenzense)

Your Name (君の名は) was well deserved in it’s popularity, as was the amazing soundtrack created by Radwimps. I really LOVE how catchy this song is and honestly every song they wrote for the movie is perfect in tone and story.

I’m going with this one though, because at the Hanabi matsuri this weekend they played it alongside some of the fireworks while we were weaving through the crowds trying to not drop our kushikatsu (which I had had a craving for all week and I finally got to eat!! <3)





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