Welcome to Rebel Riotori – the blog of a British girl who somehow ended up living and teaching English in Japan.

Follow my blog for my adventures in Japan. I’ll be posting reviews on restaurants, new food and shops that I visit as well as insights into the unique cultural things that I learn, or my friends share with me. I’m also learning Japanese – so I’ll be sure to share anything useful that I find!

This blog won’t offer anything mind-numbingly new – but what I can guarantee is my occasionally odd personal view of the world, plenty of doodles and a non-shiny but excitable look at Japan from a real life perspective. I either write whilst drinking copious amounts of tea, or whilst suffering from tea withdrawal because I have run out of the good stuff (PG Tips.)

Who is “Rebel Riotori”

  • Real name: Vicki: The cause of the Japanese English Breakfast Tea Famine 2015
  • Hobbies: Comics, accessory crafting, collecting Jibanyan phone straps from Japanese prefectures, and eating my way through a list of unconventional foods.
  • Strengths: Dogs. If I pet a dog, I become impervious to all of life’s struggles.
  • Weaknesses: Dogs. I cannot concentrate when I see a dog. MUST. PET. DOG.



5 thoughts on “About

  1. brinkling says:

    “Real name: Vicki: The cause of the Japanese English Breakfast Tea Famine 2015,” that’s hilarious.

    What is “the good stuff” of tea, by the way? I like tea, but being an American I’m very much addicted to coffee, so given the choice I always pick coffee…but I really want to like tea more, it seems a lot healthier.

    But here I guess “the good stuff” seems to be Twinings (for those that don’t do loose leaf, anyway). I have a feeling that will not go over well.


    • rebelriotori says:

      The good stuff is indeed Twinings!! Twinings Breakfast Tea has a lovely rich flavour.. Yorkshire Tea is a generally nice strong cup of tea while PG Tips is your standard tea which you can never go wrong with!

      I do like coffee a lot more since coming to Japan! What brands do you recommend?

      In terms of health reasons.. I think tea has more natural anti oxidants, but if you drink both black there isn’t much different in calorie content!

      Me, I like a strong tea with a little milk and no sugar.. how about you??


      • brinkling says:

        I’ll have to try the Breakfast Tea then. I think I tried Twinings Yorkshire once and it was just way too bitter for me, haha.

        Unfortunately my favorite brand of coffee would probably be pretty hard to come by in Japan. It’s “Caribou” (especially their Mahogany line, mmm), and they don’t even sell it here in Pennsylvania! I have to order it online if I want it. It’s a American-Midwest thing. 😦

        I wish I drank both coffee and tea black for those health reasons. I used to drink coffee with sugar and milk (and sometimes even flavored creamer…) but I’ve cut the sugar out completely. Still a lot of milk though; I like it really creamy. Unfortunately (especially for someone from the state of Wisconsin) I think I may have a sensitivity or something to milk so I’ve been trying to drink soy or almond milk instead. It’s made a difference health-wise but it’s not the same at all…also more expensive.

        Tea, on the other hand, I generally drink “black.” I sometimes try adding milk since I love it in coffee so much, but it seems to overwhelm the flavor of the tea…which is odd because my Taiwanese-American friend always yelled at me for leaving tea leaves/bags in too long. I think I’m just bad at making it.


      • rebelriotori says:

        It’s hard to get tea right but it comes with practice. I learned because everyone in my family likes their tea in different ways. Coffee is harder for me to get right! I always add waaay too much milk.. I used to drink my tea and coffee really sweet, but as I drank so much I forced myself to drink it bitter and now I can’t stand to drink it sweet – how weird!!

        Breakfast tea is best with milk I think! Some teas are better without… but it is ok to have your own preference. That’s the glory of tea!!

        Ouuu that coffee sounds amazing what a fascinating name!!


      • brinkling says:

        Guess what? I went shopping today and picked up a box of Twinings Breakfast Tea! Is there a “right” amount of time to steep it? Teach me, o wise sensei!

        Yeah, if you ever come to America (maybe you have already), don’t ever try our “sweet tea.” Oh my god, that stuff was too sweet for me even during the period of my life where I drank copious amounts of coffee filled with caramel sweetener. My little sister drinks it all the time, but the stuff is horrible.

        Yes, if you ever get the chance to try Caribou coffee, try it! Here in PA they have Tim Horton’s instead, which I guess came from Canada. It is pretty mediocre.


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