McDonalds did it again.. Daigaku Imo fries!

So last year I had a bit of a McDonalds rampage, sampling the Halloween Choco-Pumpkin fries, the Magic Purple Witch fries and the Golden Set. Well, this year is no exception as they have yet again released a sweet flavoured fries set – the Daigaku Imo flavour!

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三月三日は雛祭り2017! (Girl’s Day 2017)

Wow, it’s already March! Time really is flying by. It feels weird to already say that we’re into the third month of 2017, but it’s exciting too because lots of festivals are coming up.

The big March festival that I’ve been looking forward to is Hina Matsuri, or Girl’s day!

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Tasty Halloween – Snacks in Japan!

If there’s one thing that I have noticed that Japan does really, really well – themed food! Halloween is no exception – there is an abundance of adorably shaped, decorated and flavoured food all to celebrate the holiday. This was pretty surprising to me, as apparently Halloween has only really picked up in popularity in the past 10 years, thanks to Tokyo Disney bringing the Halloween parade. So now everyone is at least familiar with the cuter aspects of the celebration and so we get to have lots of fun food!

I’ve made it my mission to devour as many cute and quirky Halloween foods this year as I can! I’ve already tried the McDonald’s Choco-pumpkin fries.. and since then I have had even more delicious nibbles!

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Summer Adventures – Part 1: Osaka

Hello everyone!

It has been a while since I last posted.. and with good reason! In August I went on an epic journey across Japan, visiting some of the major cities with my friend from the UK. However.. we did so in less than 2 weeks and on a shoestring budget! We spent around 3 days in each city – Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo and Fukuoka.

So.. I wanted to make a post about our epic adventure and give you an idea of the kind of things you can do in a really short space of time. For the first post, I’m going to write about Osaka!

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The LockUp – Fukuoka’s Themed Restaurant!

Last weekend, I had some surprise visitors from the UK come down to stay in Kyushu. As it was the first time visiting the island, I decided to take them out in the city and show them some of the exciting things that Hakata and Tenjin had to offer.

Being pretty big fans of Resident Evil, I decided to take them to a horror-themed restaurant that I had been recommended by one of my neighbours. Apparently we could expect over-the-top events, creative drinks and quirky food. They weren’t wrong.

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Japan’s American Food – Reviews!

Hi peoples! I hope all is well wherever you are in the world. For me – I’ve been a little stressed out lately. Work has been crazy busy (but in a wonderfully exciting, yet tiring way!) and it seems like my home country has gone a little loopy. But for the sake of my sanity I’m going to avoid political discussions full stop and talk about some of my food excursions this year! ❤ This post will be about American food in Japan..

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