PPAP – Internet humour without context is an experience..

So last week, I had one of my stranger interactions with one of my students. We were in the middle of a group project, and as usual I was wandering between the groups to check in on their progress.. and this is what happened:

Student: Vicki, Vicki!

Me: Yes?

Student: *holds up hand* Pen

Me: Yeees?

Student: *holds up other hand* Apple. Yes?

Me: Pen, apple – ok?

Student: *slams hands together* Pen-apple.

Note at this point – he looks very proud of himself.

Me: Pen-apple? Do you mean pineapple?

Student: No, no no. Pen, yes? Apple – ringo – apple, yes? *slams hands: PENAPPLE!

Me: O-okay.. that… is cool.. but.. why?

Student: Penapple. *grins*


So at this point, I have no idea why this happened or why it was so funny. Every time I walked by his table, he slammed his hands together and said “penapple” and would burst into a fit of laughter. I remained clueless the entire week, asking my friends what he could have meant (we all concluded it was some pun on pineapple..)

And then this popped up onto my Facebook feed. I watched it by chance. The mystery was solved.

This, my friends, is why I teach English 😀


Review : Anmitsu Hime – Drag in Japan!

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be offered two free tickets to see “Anmitsu Hime”, from Fukuoka Now. This was a timely event, as I have just binge watched RuPaul’s Drag Race at the same time as Maryann, one of my local friends, so we were pretty hyped for seeing some drag in person. Especially so to experience drag in another culture too!

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Japanese pranks

I’ve learned a lot of useful things from the people I work with so far this year.

Thanks to their insights, I have learned how versatile rice cookers are (one pot meals, yo!), the history of cutting eels in different regions (don’t cut the belly in Tokyo!) and how best to deal with mukade, should the devils decide to enter my apartment. Thankfully, I haven’t had to use that information just yet.


Some of my favourite things that I have learned, however, are Japanese pranks! I haven’t been subject to any of these myself, just yet.. but learning about them is great fun!


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