Getting Crafty – Making accessories

Recently I discovered the joy of buying craft materials in Japan! I feel like lately, I have spent way too much money in these shops, I can’t really complain.. The quality and selection of the stuff you can buy in these shops is waaay superior to some of the stuff back home.. and I guess I can justify it, as it has been a little too cold to go out and do much lately!

So.. here is a little peek at the selection of what I bought in my last visit..

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Recently, I was given a tonne of home grown みかん (oranges) by my Karate sensei.. and I mean too many to eat by myself!

I wasn’t sure what to do with them all but a neighbour recommended making jam. As I had never made jam before I decided to experiment last night!!

Now I have a tonne of みかん jam!!


Does anyone have any more ideas for what to do with excess fruit in the future?? I would hate to waste it all!