Animate Cafe: Ensemble Stars Review!

In my last cafe review, I visited some pretty and quiet little cafes that weren’t too out of the ordinary. This review however, will look at the opposite end of the spectrum!

I’ve been trying to get into some mobile gaming recently to pass the time during commutes, but my Japanese level is so low I have been living vicariously through a friend who is a big fan of “Ensemble Stars” – or EnStars as it is affectionately shortened to. Ensemble Stars is an idol group mobile game, set in a high school where young lads who attend perform together. Apparently it’s a spin off of a female idol group game, aimed instead for a female audience. I can’t really comment on the actual game play – I haven’t played it myself.. but I learned how much of a big deal it was once I was invited to a limited run theme cafe based upon the game!

Idol groups are a pretty big deal in Japan – large collectives of beautiful girls and handsome boys who can sing together harmoniously, perform dance routines, attend meet and greets and appear on talk shows. All while looking fabulous and capturing the hearts of the nation. Think AKB48 and the Johnny boy’s.

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