Cover Me – Depeche Mode 日本語翻訳

Happy 2018 everyone!

2017 became a pretty busy year for me in the end. With Driving school, work, volunteer Eikaiwa teaching and visiting home.. I didn’t really have much time for personal projects..

Except one opportunity sprung itself upon me and I was so so happy! The Depeche Mode official Facebook page is currently in the middle of the Fan Takeover.. and I was chosen last year! I made a few posts with illustrations I had made and shared my stories. One of them was an illustration of “Cover Me“, and I actually attempted to translate it into Japanese and overlay the text on the image.

It’s a good way to study I think! So I thought I’d share that translation with you.

What do you think? 🙂

I’ve felt better

I’ve been up all night

I can feel it coming

The morning light


The air is so cold here

It’s so hard to breathe

We better take cover

Will you cover me?


Way up here in the Northern Lights

Beyond you and me

I dreamt of us in another life

One we’ve never reached


You know we’re sinking

We could fade away

I’m not going down

Not today


The air is so cold here

Too cold to see

We have to take cover

Cover me


Way up here with the Northern Lights

Beyond these broken bars

I pictured us in another life

Where we’re all super stars

































JLPT N3に合格する私の計画!ファイト!

七月のJLPT N4の結果はまだ知らないけど今からN3を勉強始めたばかりよ!

1。漢字を暗記する (Memriseのアプリで)







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Music mondays

In my quest to improve my Japanese listening ability, I previously wrote that I was only going to listen to Japanese music on my iPod from then on to see if it would help me learn to pick up more.

I can honestly actually say that coupled with the other things I have been doing (grammar study, intensive vocab and kanji input and generally conversing as much as I can!) – my listening has improved ten-fold! I have recently found that while listening to new music, I can pick up on what they are saying more clearly while listening to familiar songs I can start to understand meanings. So, hurrah for music!

So I’m going to share some of my favourite music, old and new, every Monday. Besides getting me back on to the blog-train, it’ll also push me to keep on seeking out new music which is always good fun.

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みんなさん、こんにちは! 久しぶりです~

元気ですか? 最近私は本当に本当に忙しかったけど、毎日嬉しです!

今月、JLPT N4を受けた。今回、テストは大丈夫です!大体分かっただから、多分合格します!




ああー Twitterを使いますか?  私にフォローお願いします! 「rebelriotori」です!




(Hey everyone, long time no see! 

Are you well? Recently I have been really, really busy but happy every day! This month I took the JLPT N4. This time, I understood most of it so maybe I will pass. So up until this post I have been studying and working hard every day. From now I have more free time! I want to write some interesting posts again.

Oh! Do you use Twitter? Please follow me! I’m rebelriotori.

Righty, I’m going to write a new post! See you!)


Yes.. I did indeed fail the JLPT N4 in December.

I’m not going to lie, I did feel a bit gutted because I felt okay in the exam. I mean, I knew I wasn’t going to get a really high grade but part of me figured I’d have a good chance. And I mean, I didn’t get a terribly low fail (my score was similar to when I took the N5 so I mean, I knew stuff..) but it wasn’t enough to pass.

With that minor blow and a new fire in my belly I have decided to start studying harder and with much more structure! So here’s my plan and may my methods be of some help. I’m going to start review what I use as I go along and I intend to re-take the N4 in July.

Let’s see if this works!

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Tomodachi Collection “トモダチコレクション” and discovering the DSi as a learning material

When I visited Tokyo, my boyfriend and I took a lovely pre-pizza evening walk and stumbled across BookOff, which was a welcome surprise. (Yes – before you judge me as crazy, a pre-pizza evening walk is a fantastic way to savor the excitement of having a pizza!)

Recently he has been getting back into retro game collecting, so it was good fun to search through the treasures that BookOff holds. If you’re unfamiliar with BookOff, it’s a Japanese chain of recycle shops where people can trade in books, DVDs, video games and more. The condition of the items they trade in are usually close to immaculate, and unbelievably reasonable in price.

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Today I impressed my co-workers by using the new words they taught me last week…

今日は、宏ご飯をチンして! チンする means to cook your food in a microwave. Because a microwave goes “ching!”.


Oh, I love Japan and how it turns onomatopoeia into actual vocabulary.